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Free Yoga on the Bluff

Yogalution Movement's FREE Daily Yoga Classes

As part of our service to the community, we want to make sure everyone has access to yoga regardless of their financial situation. This is why, in addition to our donation-based online yoga studio, we offer daily free classes at 11am Pacific Time 7-days a week and year-round.  

Free Yoga on the Bluff is located in Long Beach, CA on the corner of Ocean and Junipero on the grassy Bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Virtual Yoga on the Bluff

Tune into our Yogalution on the Bluff Facebook Page for our Live-Streamed Classes. You do not need a Facebook account to watch the Live-Stream.

Simply click the link below to join: 


OR head to Facebook.com and type in "Yogalution on the Bluff" in the Search bar.

Weekly Bluff Yoga Schedule


Monday  :  11am - 12pm  :  Ed Williams

Tuesday  :  11am - 12pm  :  Mary Flocca

Wednesday  :  11am - 12pm  :  Marlene Martin

Thursday  :  11am - 12pm  :  Erin Grissom

Friday  :  11am - 12pm  :  Blakwatter

Saturday  :  11am - 12pm  :  Dharma Shakti

Sunday  :  11am - 12pm  :  Dharma Shakti

Yogalution on the Bluff Teachers

Our lineup of incredible teachers out on the Bluff every week are experienced in yoga asana and have been with Yogalution Movement for many years. We are grateful for their continued service to our community!



Ed Williams

11am - 12pm



Mary Flocca

11am - 12pm



Marlene Martin

11am - 12pm



Erin Grissom

11am - 12pm




11am - 12pm



Dharma Shakti

11am - 12pm

Bluff Yoga COVID-19 Recommendations

Free Yoga on the Bluff is currently OPEN and continues to resume DAILY outside at the bluff under new guidelines. 

Should you plan to attend Bluff Yoga in-person, please prepare accordingly:

*Classes are continuing to be held daily at our regular time of 11am - 12pm Pacific Time 

*Please be socially responsible and respectful. Wear your mask upon arrival at the bluff until you find an appropriate spot of 6 feet apart. Once you are situated on your mat, you can take your mask off. Upon leaving your mat and exiting the bluff, put your mask back on.

*Students must remain 6 feet apart, unless living in the same household as the person next to you that is closer than 6 feet

*As always, these classes are offered for Free *donations are accepted, never required

*No sign-ups necessary; just show up at the class time with your yoga mat/blanket & water 

*Classes are continuing to be live-streamed virtually on our Facebook page for those who choose to not attend live - however - we cannot guarantee the quality of audio but we will be sure to do our best out there

Thank you all for your continued support of Free Yoga on the Bluff!!! We are grateful to be practicing outside together, once again.

Yoga on the Bluff Media

We've been featured in quite a few videos circling around! Linked below are a few of those videos from our supportive community members. If you'd like to feature Yoga on the Bluff in any media, connect with us!

This is Long Beach, California

Featuring Yoga on the Bluff

Video by Ulises Roman

Yoga on the Bluff Timelapse

Featuring Yoga on the Bluff

Video by Shutter TravelPhotography

An Interview with Dharma Shakti

Featuring Yoga on the Bluff

Video by Whip Shot Media

Yoga on the Bluff, Long Beach, CA

Featuring Yoga on the Bluff

Video by Whip Shot Media

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