200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training

Become a certified yoga teacher at Dharma Shakti's Yoga Alliance Approved 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training held at Yogalution Movement studio in Long Beach, California.

Greetings Blessed Soul ~

Before proceeding, please find yourself a quiet space to cultivate a receptive, calm and intentional mindset. It is important to remove yourself from distractions so your mind can be clear and focused. This personal survey was designed to prepare you for the work we will be doing throughout the training and to also give Dharma a sense of who you are and how this upcoming training can best serve your unique personal journey. We encourage you to deeply explore certain life challenges and patterns that are present for you and be honest with yourself. There is no judgement here so the further you look inside yourself, the more transformation you will get out of this process of self-exploration. These questions are meant to bring up emotions that are uncomfortable. Notice if feelings of resistance or self-doubt arise as you move through the survey. Know that this is completely normal. Simply just be aware of these negative patterns and practice compassion and love for the self. The negative thoughts will subside. Honor your process just as it is. The content you provide is held in strict confidentiality. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. We are here to support and serve you through this process.

Our Deepest Gratitude ~

Dharma Shakti & The Yogalution Movement Team


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