Monday Message 22 - Habits That Need Changing

coaching monday message Jun 24, 2019

We all have habits we want to change or stop all together. Do you find that you just replace a bad habit with another or slightly less bad habit? 


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Monday Message 21 - Is "stuff" in the way of your dreams and goals?

coaching monday message Jun 17, 2019

I often tell my children, you either have results or you have excuses and as adults, it seems we allow "what's in the way" of our goals and dreams to be our excuses. Learn to lean into the things that are in the way, because what's in the way, is the way!




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Monday Message 20 - Confusion Clouds the Heart!

coaching monday message Jun 10, 2019

Confusion can be emotionally paralyzing and it doesn't have to be. I believe it's a message from your body trying to guide you through your life journey, trying to assist you and point you in the right direction. So what is confusions message? What is it trying to tell us? What direction is it pointing us to? What is the lesson in confusion?Watch the video to find out! 


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Monday Message 19 - Who Is In The Driver Seat of Your Mental Car?

coaching monday message Jun 03, 2019

The path of greatness requires that we CHECK IN with WHO is in the driver seat of our mind! Is doubt driving? Are your insecurities driving? Is fear driving? Or are your dreams driving, are your vision and desires and passions driving you? Whoever your driver is, will determine your destination! check out this video to get some insight on why it's important to KNOW who and what is driving us! Get inspired to get behind the wheel of your own mental car!  



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Monday Message #18 | Have you set intentions for your life journey?

coaching monday message May 27, 2019

Our intentions are so powerful. Have you set intentions for your life journey? Intentions aren't just meant for vision boards and yoga classes. Be intentional with your time and how you use it! Time is an un-renewable resource - you don't ever get it back.

If you use your time with more intention and awareness, you can live in the field of greatness. Here are some tips for HOW to show up more intentionally to your week and to your life journey.


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Monday Message #17 | Find the Strength to Keep Fighting for Your Dreams

coaching monday message May 20, 2019

Overwhelm and exhaustion is so common place these days.

For some reason, we have decided that resting ISN'T okay - that it's lazy!  We have decided that being on the grind all the time is a sign of success - like it's bad-ass to be busy all the time.

However, it's a short hop from bad-ass to burn out and rest is key to staying physically energized and mentally vibrant. Here is some food for thought on this topic and some simple suggestions to ponder for making some changes to your weekly life.


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Monday Message #16 | Turn Your Challenges Into A Growth Adventure

coaching monday message May 06, 2019

Too often we allow our challenges and “emergencies” of life get the best of us. In our emotional reaction to things, we squander any ability to grow and evolve. In fact, we will continue the pattern, and repeat the “emergencies” until we awaken to the concept of allowing our challenges to REVEAL the best of us!

This video attempts to give you a new thought process at which to face your challenges, so you can begin to unfold into your best self, rather than letting your challenges keep you stuck in your bitter self! You got this life warrior! You got this!

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Monday Message #15 | How to Change Your Life

coaching monday message Apr 29, 2019

Change starts from within! It’s absolutely true. A great place to start is changing the way we think. We are truly our greatest obstacle in life, no one will keep you down more than yourself...but the good news is we are fully capable of changing that!

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Monday Message #14 | Put Those Burdens Down!

Too often we journey through life with all of our burdens on our shoulders. This Monday Message touches on the benefits of putting those burdens down and FACING them!

There is a warrior within you that is ready to face those burdens and climb those personal mountains!

YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU GOT THIS! You are worth the effort!


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Monday Message 13 | Greatness is yours only when you START!

It’s time we check our mindset about greatness. It doesn’t just happen overnight!

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